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Why us

Why us

Welcome to - US Based Authentic Muslim Matchmaking Site.
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We pray and strive hard to find loving and caring spouses for every individual that seeks our service.

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At, we are committed to abide by Islamic ethics, ettiquettes and family values
Unlike most matrimonial sites; we store, provide access, and share your personal information and images with the utmost Islamic and security guidelines
That’s why every candidate is recognized by our esteemed state councilors and communicated through our Guardian Council Members of the highest integrity
Based on the selection criteria, a coordinated search is conducted by GC and the candidate
At least three candidates will be shortlisted based on your preference by our Guardian Counselor (GC)
Our unique process opens up a secured communication channel between two candidates through the conduit of a guardian council member, while giving full privacy to the candidates in their communication
Signing up at is free, safe and secured
Match2Marry provides the necessary platform, technology and live reputable Islamic mentors/guides trying to match two hearts to get married from a wide pool of potential candidates
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