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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Welcome to - US Based Authentic Muslim Matchmaking Site.
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Our mission is to help facilitate marriage in a manner that helps achieve marital satisfaction in terms of tranquility, love and mercy. We want to help safeguard the heritages and legacies of Muslim civilizations, which can ultimately flourish through family and marriage.

  • Marriage is a sacred relationship between two individuals which is based on the solemn contract of mutual responsibilities.
  • It is divinely instituted through sacred text (Quran 4:1)
  • The purpose of marriage is to divinely stipulate tranquility, love and mercy (Quran 30:21)
  • With our platform, we promote sacred relationships with a careful search and want to bring together like-minded candidates.
  • In compliance with Islamic guidelines, we are determined to help facilitate successful marriages.



Our vision is to build a future generation of Muslim men and women who can build harmonious families under divine guidance. We want to help contribute to their peace, prosperity and stability of their social lives.

  • Families are the integral unit of a society, bound together by mutual rights and responsibilities
  • Through a sacred marriage and the contract that holds them together, a family grows in love and mercy to create generations of responsible societies.
  • Therefore, our dream is to catalyze the start of new families, help maintain sustainable relationships and grow networks of harmonious families who can ultimately contribute to a strong compassionate society.