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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

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It is a challenge to find a professional counsellor or therapist who is well versed in Islamic principles based on Quran and Sunnah to heal individuals with serious spousal relationship issues. Our marriage counselling program is designed to meet that challenge. We are connected nationwide with handful of professionals who are knowledgeable in both worlds and where such professionals are scarce establishing a bridge between both worlds. A comprehensive support network which includes to help finding resolutions against spousal stressful relationships. We Provide the following Services:

  • Pre and post marriage education
  • Counseling professional advice
  • Finding legal advice contacts
  • Empathetic Therapy
  • Spiritual advice and healing suggestions
  • This is a paid service
  • 100% confidentiality is maintained from our part
  • We don’t provide any legal advice. For legal advice we can recommend attorneys at law, however, we are not responsible for any contracts between you and the legal professionals

Services in professional or non-professional capacity will be disclosed beforehand.

How the process works?

  • You will need to fill out a questionnaire to help us assess your needs.
  • Based on your needs we will mediate between one of our professional counselors who are well versed in Islamic principles.
  • Terms and conditions of service will be discussed prior to signing a service contract between you and the counselor.
  • If a professional counselor well versed in Islamic principles is not found to fulfil your need, an Islamic scholarly individual and a professional counselor would be contacted and a coordinated service contract will be laid out for your need.