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Welcome to - US Based Authentic Muslim Matchmaking Site.
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Match2Marry is a Social Network of a group of value and principle loving balanced individuals of North America. Our vision is to build a future society of individuals who love to promote value and principle based balanced life for self and others. Through Match2Marry we want to facilitate marriage for our eligible adult population through establishing secured links based on mutual respect, tranquility, love and sincerity on an on-line network, supported by senior individuals of unparalleled integrity, knowledge and wisdom.
Our effort could easily be misconstrued as traditional arranged marriage, however, this is a bridge between traditional arranged marriage and free matrimonial on-line sites. The arranged part of it is just establishing link between two potentially willing family and individuals based on set criteria. Once a successful link is established, families and individuals have full liberty to continue discussions and communications through our on-line secured communication channels un-interrupted and unsupervised, however for an agreed upon period. Finally if the parties are committed for further relationship, we will provide all sorts of logistic help for a happy ending.
Match2Marry has a very strong pre and post marriage commitment, where counseling, spiritual, psychological, social and logistic supports will be provided as long as need is expressed from interested parties. However, at present we are focusing on providing spousal search, and in active communications with professionals and nationally recognized religious leaders to open up services other announced services. Professional services would incur some cost.
At present we are focusing on continental USA geographically, however, we are in active communications with responsible parties in Canada, Europe, Middle East, South and South East Asia to further our network in future.
Our spousal search service is free, however, in future as we develop other services with the help of professionals might incur reasonable cost from the recipients. Overall we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, social service organization, and for continue to providing services we appreciate your tax deductible donations.
Our services are targeted for Muslims and open for all ethnicities. However, if a person of different religious affiliation seeks our service he/she has to agree to our terms and conditions which are based on Islamic principles.
Our slogan is based on Quran 30:21. We are encouraged by the famous sayings of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH)-
“Of my tradition is to marry. So then whoever turns away from my tradition (Sunnah) is not from me (my nation)” (Bukhari).

“This world is but provision, and there is no provision in this world better than a righteous wife.” (Muslim 1469).

However, we understand that we have wide variance in terms of our practice and commitment to religious obligations, therefore we encourage our service seekers to express their religious commitment in four categories.

-Apathetic to religious practice.
-Committed to faith, apathetic to religious practice.
- Committed to faith, irregular in religious practice.
- Committed to faith, committed to religious practice.

By no means can we judge any one’s religiosity and that is not our purpose of requesting to note these categories. The only reason this categories are requested for mutual selectivity in current status of the candidates. Insha-Allah we hope and believe that our service recipients will grow in their commitment to the obedience of Allah and His messenger.


  • Candidates have put their profile
  • Candidates can communicate to other potential candidates based on the criteria they are looking for at will
  • The channel is open for candidates to have premarital affairs if individuals wish to continue


  • Candidates have put their profile in a secured site, referenced and/or verified by our parent council member and/or Executive members.
  • Candidates can communicate to other potential candidates based on the criteria through the channel of a guardian council member
  • The channel is restricted only for serious relations based on Islamic principles
This site is geared towards our responsible next generation youth who doesn’t want to involve in premarital intimate relationship with opposite gender, where, this is a resource for them to, view, analyze, understand and feel as much as possible within the frame work of Islamic guideline of men and women relationship outside marriage for the purpose of marriage.
A member can navigate from a limited pool of relatively detailed profile digitally available of closely matched potential partner, zoom into one serious partner and continue to communicate within a prescribed guideline (albeit within the frame work of Islam in a modern context, that includes in a non-limiting example, voice communication, high definition video conferencing and meeting in a public place with company if feasible or in our periodically arranged regional youth conferences).
Guardian council members (called Guardian Councilor, GC) may be viewed as playing a role of a match-maker, but in reality, they are much more than that. Each one of them is a fact finder, facilitator and security provider of sensitive personal information for each members of this organization. They are not advocate of one side or the other, rather
  • A GC has access to a complete database of a region for his/her to handle as a trust (‘amanah’ in Islamic terminology).
  • After responsible verification of the candidates, the GC would share the trust with the potential candidate as a trust (with potential penalty for mishandling of the trust, i.e. sensitive personal data).
  • At an advanced stage of mutual agreement GC would arrange audio/visual conference.
  • Any further communications (as prescribed by our Guidance Council for Sharia compliance) should be done in full cognizance of the GC.
  • Once decision to moving forward is finalized, GC will handover the case to our marriage facilitator to help provide logistic support for the wedding event.
  1. Submission of bio data is standardized and made inclusive of all necessary information at one shot.
  2. We are providing the web portal and searching capability to many of those individual players or social networks who are willing to take benefit of this modern tool. Sorting candidates based on search criteria would be the advantage that our guardian councilors would enjoy as opposed to manual sorting of pool of biodatas.
  3. Each of those individuals have limited data base, on the contrary we are promoting an online portal to collect in a secured manner (as is done through those individuals) a huge database. Therefore our guardian councilors are not limited to a small database to sort from, rather they would have access to nationwide huge database to choose from.
  4. We have the time-gate in our communication between the guardian council and the candidates.